Live Where You Love




The only course you need to relocate anywhere in the world!


Janel Muhammad

6 Part Series


  • WHO
  • WHAT
  • WHEN
  • WHY

Many people love to travel, with each destination they travel to they find a different adventure that speaks to their souls. You may be like those people. If you’re anything like me, you love to travel and want to LIVE everywhere and take on the ultimate adventure and let your soul speak for you.


Doing this take guts, it takes passion, but most of all it takes planning and having access to a team of INTERNATIONAL AND LOCAL PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES. Moving overseas for a temporary or extended period of time is not for the faint of heart. If you do it wrong it can be a slow or fast deterioration of control over your situation, conversely, if you do it right you could be living the life of your dreams. LET US HELP YOU DO IT RIGHT.

The LIVE WHERE YOU LOVE course will take you step by step from WHO you are or need to become to make this happen, WHAT has to happen in order to get things going, WHEN is the best time to get started or move based on the destination you are interested in, WHERE in the world do you really want to be, you have to have a strong WHY to make your plan work and finally pulling all together with the HOW to get it all done.


Through this course you will gain access to:

● International Realtors and Real Estate Professionals
● International Accountants
● International Tax Specialists
● Business Consultants
● Visa and Naturalization Lawyers
● Current Repatriated Citizens

As Realtors, we will help you identify and/or create the best fitting situation for your new INTERNATIONAL ADVENTURE, through this course you will gain the tools and knowledge in order to be a more informed and protected so that you can LIVE ANYWHERE.