How We Work

Engage Destination Own.

Step 1

You indicate your interest by emailing us at or calling us at 800-690-3128 x 58. Or simply join one of our group tours here online.

Step 2

We send you a client survey to get a sense of your likes and dislikes regarding foreign countries and travel experiences. This survey will help us to target your best options for home ownership abroad.

Step 3

We schedule your client consultation, during which we review your preferences, real estate budget and timeline for making your choice.

Step 4

We create your customer profile, choose your mode of travel, arrange your travel (to several or one destination at a time), and connect you with the real estate specialist living in that Country.

Step 5

You visit your destination/destinations and immerse yourself in the area with the help of our unique real estate tours where you get to view the properties you are interested in purchasing. This experience, along with the unique opportunities we create for you to ``live like a local`` will help you decide whether or not this destination and the homes you are presented with are the ones for you!

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